Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This is the fourth in a series of short blog posts sharing an overview of content explored on the Empowered Employers learning programme.

As part of the Empowered Employers campaign, we have been delivering a learning program for a range of employers across Gloucestershire. The learning program is unique in that it has been co-designed by Jane Hatton (CEO of Evenbreak), Experts by Lived Experience, and commercial employers from across the county.

In the fourth of our miniseries, Jane Hatton looks at how we create inclusive workplaces.

How do we create an inclusive workplace?

The next blog will focus on creating an inclusive workplace culture. This blog focuses on some of the practical elements.


Ensure that buildings, equipment, technology, work stations, information, training, policies and so on are accessible and barrier-free.

Policies and Procedures

There are some obvious policies which are relevant to disability inclusion, such as your Diversity and Inclusion policy, and your Workplace Adjustment policy (see below). But disability inclusion needs to be considered in all policies, including Recruitment and Selection, Grievance and Disciplinary, Performance Management, Annual Leave, Sickness Absence and so on. For example, do you offer disability leave for disability-related activities (such as medical appointments, prosthetic limb repairs or fittings and so on)?

Workplace Adjustments

All employees should be able to access and request workplace adjustments, preferably funded centrally, which could include:

Rather than offering ‘reasonable adjustments for disabled employees’, considering offering ‘workplace adjustments for all employees’ – an organisation performs best when everyone feels supported and has the resources to be as productive as possible.

Access to Work

The government’s Access to Work scheme offers support to disabled employees who need additional support in order to carry out their work effectively. This includes:

Equip Hiring and Line Managers with Skills around Inclusion

Jane Hatton

Photo of Jane Hatton, CEO of Evenbreak